Sun Kam Kwong Printing & Dyeing Fty Ltd. was established in 1996 and is a Hong Kong company specializing  in both roller and  screen printing. With over fifteen years of experience, our company is recognized as one of the leading printing and dyeing manufacturers in China. Our first factory was established at Dongguan, Guangdong province, PRC in 1996, our second factory is located at Chang Shu, Jiangsu province, PRC in 2003 with total capacity of over 40 million meters per year. We have continued our investment with new facilities in development at Chang Shu.

Our expertise is in printing on knitted fabrics using reactive, disperse, pigment and discharge techniques and we offer pre-treatment and after-finishing services. We have advanced machinery and the facilities to serve various customer needs. We believe quality service and competitive price combined with on-time delivery is vital to growing our value. We strive to provide outstanding products and services to our customers. Our factories welcome our customers with high quality standards, reasonable prices and attention to detail.

We sincerely look forward to a fruitful long term business relationship with you.

  Our vision is to establish a strong bond with each customer by treating them as long-term partners and helping them establish their business, providing them with high quality products and services at a reasonable cost. We are striving to anticipate and exceed our customers' expectations and to become a leading Worldwide printing and dyeing fabric and service provider.

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